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Run a tire retreading factory

To run a tire retreading factory, the investing scale can be big or small. It can start from a production line or scaled production through buying many set of equipments, which depends on the investors' reality. The requirements in choosing the production scale include:

1. Workshop
Considering a medium or small-scaled production line, the workshop shall not be less than 100 square meters. It must be a empty field for piling up tires.

2. Workers
One production line must be equipped with three to five workers, and the amounts should increase as the production scale extends. Workers are required to be of no less than middle school qualification.

3. Environmental Considerations
Tire retreading factories will not discharge waste gas, waste water and industrial residue, thus avoiding secondary pollution to the environment. Pay attention to protecting the piled used tires and controlling the amounts, never stacking form a rather long time.

4.Working Capital
For one production line, the working capital shall not be less than USD 20000. If the scale extends, the working capital shall be according.

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